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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 29, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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greta van susteren. >> she is extremely adventurous. she loves life. she is very caring but also very street smart. she is not going to disappear. this isn't her character. that's not even a question. >> the missing woman's house and brother are in turkey right now to look for her. >> more money or more help will soon be on the way for super storm sandy victims.
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the senate narrowly passing the $50.5 billion relief measure by a vote of 62 to 36. president obama says he whethil sign it into law as soon as it passes. it adds billions of dollars to our debt and for project he cans unrelated to sandy. >> four people in connection with the nightclub fire that left 240 people dead. there were no fire alarms no extinguishers no sprinklers and only one way out of the club. a pyrotechnic show sparked the whole thing. the club's business license expired last year and it was in the process of renovation. can a good fight's sleep improve your memory? scientists in california study adults in their 20s and 70s and found the younger group was better at remembering words given to them the day before than the older group. the reason could be linked to the fact that the older group's
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quality of sleep was lower than the younger groups. the kind of brain waives that would turn short term memories into long-term are stalled. that is your 5@5:00. later this morning the president leighs for las vegas where he will begin his push for immigrareform. >> this comes after a bipartisan group of senators laid down the you framework kelly might good morning. >> good morning. time is of the essence of developing the reform plan. he will kickoff the issue later to today. he welcomes the efforts of senators who are proposing an outline of principles for immigration reform that can provide a pathway to
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citizenship. >> the president believes that action on immigration reform is done right and help to feel our economy. it makes a level playing field for our businesses in terms of how they deal with the issues. it is healthy for job creation. layout a blue print for comprehensive plan. the senators provide a framework for the 11 million americans who are living ill lelie in america to come out of the shadows. it proposes verifybly securing the border reducing the number of these that over stayed. also e verify system to prevent undocumented workers and guest worker program.
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>> they have to pay back taxes have a noncriminal record and learn english and understand and study our history. they have to get in line behind everyone else. they will be granted legal status but they have to get behind everyone else who has waited legally to get green card status. >> some conservatives are expressing concerns with the plan. ted cruz says allowing immigrants who came to the united states illegally is inconsistent with rule of law and not fair to immigrants who came here legally. >> kelly wright live. thank you. this morning we are hearing from florida senator marco rubio. rubio sitting down with sean hannity to discuss the senate proposal we told you about yesterday and discussing what he thinks are the necessary steps
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in the immigration process. there must be enforcement measures before a green card. >> i think it's a good time to remind people the vast majority of con sefb tives favor legal immigration. we don't have a little immigration that works right now. illegal immigration undermine illegal immigration. he we understand we have to deal with this. we have 11 million people by all accounts are going to be here the rest of their lives with or without documents. we can't do anything to deal with 11 million people that is unfair to people who have done it the right way or number two will encourage illegal immigration in the future. that's whey your point is so crucial. must be a part of any final bill, that is this, before we can move for the pass for green cards because citizenship comes after that. pass the green card. before we move to a passport
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green card there has to be enforcement mechanisms that are in place. it's not just the border it's workplace enforcement. it's tracking the entry and exit of visitor visas. 40 percent of illegal immigration undocumented people enter legally and over stayed their visas. we don't track where they lead. we don't track where we are. all of these things must happen before there is a pass to a green card. >> senator rubio says this plan offers people a chance to apply for citizenship the way they should have in the first place. a pretrial hearing continues for khalid shaikh mohammed the self pro franed mastermind of the 9-11 attacks. yesterday a delay after ksm and another defendant refused to respond to questions from the judge. ainsley earhardt joins us with more. >> good morning patti ann. their silence on monday toey ho
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up the start of the trpretrial hearing for more than an hour even though the men kept quiet. it was an erie sken relatives of some of those killed of september 11th attacks catching a glimpse of the khalid shaikh mohammed. it took the lives of more than 3,000 people. >> they look like human beings yet the evil that they put forth toward america i can't even comprehend. >> monday the pretrial hearings in guantanamo bay and four other men suspected to have played a role in the attack. although the men have been in custody for a decade there are still numerous issues that must be resolved before their trial can begin. now one of the issues might be finding a new lawyer. one of the suspects has fired
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his synagogue appointed legal counsel. through a translator he said we have been dealing with our attorney for a year and a half we have not been able to get any trust with them. the trial is not expected to start for at least another year. they are facing charges of 3,000 counts of murder if convicted they could get the death penalty. >> a messy and slip commute for drivers in kennebunkport, maine after they got hit with snow. >> what is in store for us today? >> i want to start out with the high temperatures. these look pretty good. talking about temperatures well above average heyed of a strong cold front in the 80s in san antonio 70s for dallas raleigh north carolina. this warm air will help to fuel
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some very strong storms that could be producing severe weather. we are expecting a large outbreak from indiana. areas in red arkansas, western parts of kentuctennessee and mississippi. we have severe weather today in the form of tornadoes. damaging wind gusts large hail. most of the severe weather should be occurring later on today into the evening hours and overnight hours across this area. nightfall will be occurring while we could be looking at some of the severe weather. stay alert through out the day f. you live anywhere here you could be looking at severe weather. otherwise in the northern side of the storm system where temperatures are holding snow we have winter storm warnings in effect across northern portions of minnesota. we are expecting 6 inches of snow freezing rain advisories in northern wisconsin because of the icy meso curing on the roadways. heather and patti ann tomorrow more severe weather very wide
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expected from northern florida through portions of the mid atlantic. >> what was supposed to be a spectacular snowmobile stunt goes horribly wrong. >> should the leaders of bailed out banks get big fat bonus checks? they weren't supposed to. what happened would have any tax payer fuming. that's next. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that?
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>> it's 14 after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. new york journal news admitting a major mistake about the controversial gun map. the paper now says less than 4,000 of the nearly 17,000 households for one county were accurate. the paper's publisher depended
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the maps but remove it had weeks later after widespread criticism. they are raising the white flag at guantanamo bay. the special envoy in charge of the prison has been reassigned. no one is reportedly replacing them. >> now to stories we can bank on this morning. joining the fox business network lauren simonetti up first bailed out baigs brenks breaking the n reports. >> treasury ignored its own rules on how much to pay the top dogs at companies that received tax payer bailout. the watchdog accuses them of approving compensation packages of $3 million for general motors aig and allied financial. she signed off more than $6 million raises for employees at those three firms. they received a combined
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$250 billion of tax payer bailout money. the report is riddled with inaccuracies but obviously compensation at the height of the national tricrises with lightening rod hot button issue and she isbrand.
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>> you let us know when that happens. >> twinkies maker was going bankrupt. >> appreciate it always. lauren simonetti. >> patti ann? >> it's time to brew on this. here's what we would like to brew on today. a college degree is supposed to open doors, right? a new study finds nearly half of americans with college degrees are over qualified for their jobs. that's based on numbers from the labor department. in 2010, 5 percent of all janitors 15 percent of cab drivers and 25 percent of retail sales clerks have bachelor's degrees for jobs that don't wire th dr -- require them. the number entering the work force is almost twice as high as those requiring degrees. that brings us to the brew on this question of the day. is the job market being over
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qualified the new normal. >> want an even bigger tax refund? the deductions almost everyone over looks. the president sit down with president clinton will have people talking. will she run for president in 2016 in some of the secretary's well funding friends will be doing some convincing of their own.'d it go?
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>> former new york city mayor ed koch hospitalized again because of his lungs being filled with fluid. he was released after a week long stay. >> hillary clinton may not be ready to say she is running to 2016 but supporters are. a super pact has been registered with the federal commission. hea they have no ties to clinton herself. you won't want to miss tonight's "on the record"." greta van susteren will have a one-on one interview with secretary clinton. >> it's that dreaded time of year. tax season. are you ready to file? we want to make sure you don't miss out on any deductions or credits you are eligible for. personal finance expert vera gibbons five of the most valuable money saving credits and deductions people don't miss.
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first one is earned income tax. >> it was extended as part of the fiscal cliff year for another five years. one out of 5 taxpayer miss this break. how much it is worth will depend on your marital status income and how many kids you have. average tax payer who claims it it is worth a couple thousand dollars. it could be 6,000 if you have 3 or more qualifying children. the irs on the site has earned income tax credit assistance. >> so if you are unemployed you can deduct job hunting costs. >> sometimes. if you look for a job in the same line of work in 2012 and if you itemize your return you can lump all of the costs together transportation costs to and from the interview resume cost career counseling but they have to exceed 2 percent of yaur adjust -- your adjusted gross income. pretty easy to clear if you don't have any income in 2012.
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these expenses are deductible even if you land a job. >> but you can't do it if you are changing careers. >> you can't do it if it is your first job search f. you are just out of college this break does not apply. >> out of pocket charitable contributions. >> people remember the cash contributions they made to their charities but they forget the out of pocket things they do. you can deduct things like ingredients for pies you made for your favorite charity or fundraising event. $0.14 is what you can deduct on millage plus parking and tolls for your fill tropic endeavors. >> home improvement. >> a lot of them this is what inspire people to make improvements new windows and doors insulation. some of the more valuable credits are still out there. if you are installing an energy efficient system. 30 percent of the costs including labor here and this is
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a break that will be around for a few more years as well. >> solar and other things as well. >> solar energy systems the geothermal heat pumps big ticket items for the environmentally conscious. >> the american opportunity credit. this was the hope credit. >> this has been changed to this. it is for all four years of college this is a valuable one 2500 a year. that's a 10,000 dollar subsidy over four years. you are eligible for the maximum amount if you meet income requirements 80,000 or less if you are single, double that if you are married and filing a joint return. a lot of kids are eligible for this one tend to miss this one. this is a decent break. this has been extended as part of the fiscal cliff deal. >> vera gibbons thanks. file early. >> not my favorite time of the year. >> 25 after the hour yet another health squacare for tv's barbar
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>> i am heather childers. >> i am patti ann browne. thanks for watching fox and friends first. >> it is time now for your 5@5:30. the top 5 stories making news at this hour. dramatic calls about the crash in the hudson river. >> it is impossible to get out. >> i need you to get out. >> let's go. get out. get out. >> >> that man and the pilot were rescued after 30 minutes. they are expected to be okay. >> global warming has been over stated for the last 20-years. an early draft of the u.n. climate change report shows a
2:32 am
chart shows four temperature models the intergovernmental panel on climate change has published since 1990. each model claims temperatures increase more than they did. some say it doesn't mean the models are gone. sara joris was seen walking home from a bar in minutpennsylvaniae she works. they caught her crossing the bridge into new jersey heading toward her home but never made it. over 100 volunteers also joined in the search. friends and family are desperate for answers. >> we love her and we are just hoping. it's breaking our hearts. >> police say cell phones place her near the canal but they don't think foul play is involved but they are not ruling out any possibilities. >> a 5-year-old may be suspended
2:33 am
from her after school program for making a toy gun out of leg goes. he says he was just playing with friends. >> we were just walking around and then we were just like pretending. >> the principal says the decision is in accordance with school policies. joseph's mother says the school has taken things too far. it's the third time in the last few weeks you may recall that a child has been punished over a p toy gun including a 5-year-old girl who talked about using her hello kitty bubble gun. >> it goes wrong for the rider and the audience. he is thrown off and the snowmobile runs right at the crowd. the throttle got stuck. a brave man in the group through his son out of harm's way and ran over and applied the brakes.
2:34 am
one person had niern injuries. that is your 5@5:30. >> later this morning the president leaves for las vegas where he begins his push for immigration reform. >> one day after a bipartisan group laid down their framework on the controversial issue. doug luzader is live for us with more. >> the president had the big campaign style rally today in las vegas the push for comprehensive immigration reforms, will he largely endorse the plan that is largely making its way through capitol hill. the trucks of the debate may focus on border security. should we do more to stabilize the border first before offering a new pathway for citizenship? the president may suggest he has
2:35 am
done a lot. >> we have taking steps to make sure we have tighter security than we ever had. >> a bipartisan group failed a comprehensive aroach of immigration reform that would offer many consider to be a form of amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants only if the border is better secured. marco rubio may be the key to selling this to conservatives. >> that trigger is critically important. otherwise it will never happen. that's why we are where we are today. in 96 they did not do the enforce am that led to 11 million people that will be back here in 10 years or less if we don't do the enforcement part. >> the president liked what was happening with headway to congress. it was a second term with overwhelming support with hispanic voters and may be emboldened to press for more. the other has to do with public
2:36 am
sentiment overall. there is a fox news poll that shows two-thirds of registered voters support pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. >> by the way those of you may have noticed doug hasn't been with us in the morning the past couple days because he has a different morning duty. right there she is taking care of his brand new baby girl. >> marine alou ziader born january 15th. doug, congratulations. >> she is precious. congratulation wills. >> thank you very much. if i look bleary-eyed this morning she is why. >> you look very happy. >> thanks guys very much. we are thrilled. >> time now for a look at who's talking. there is reaction with president obama's and clinton's interview with 06 minutes. >> brit hume had a special commentary on special report. >> you didn't hear it on 60
2:37 am
minutes but president obama like many a president before him is unhappy with the press. in a separate weekend interview with the liberal political journal the new republic he grumbled about fox news and rush limbaugh. nothing unexpected there. he explained reporters generally in an effort to be impartial treat democrats and republicans as equivalent. they fail to note that one side is trying to do what is right and we haven't seen that kind of attitude on the other side. never mind of course the president at that moment was being interviewed by one of his campaign donors and supporters who is the owner of the new republic. never mind that he basically whistled up 60 minutes on short notice to sit down with him and his secretary of state for an interview could have been described as just how great is the relationship is between you two? i must have missed a friendly interview 60 minutes did with president bush or secretary of state colin powell or
2:38 am
condoleezza rice. you say mr. bush would never have offered one. it is true if he did he would have not gotten the same treatment this president received from 06 minutes and nearly all of the rest of the preface. >> light snow is expected to continue in boulder, colorado as temperatures plummet roads could be icy for the commute. if you are in that area allow extra time for your drive. >> the snow is beautiful but it is dangerous. let's get the first degree weather update from maria molina. >> more snow out west across the rockies but want to focus on portions of the midwest. we will be seeing rough weather today. i want to start out with the temperatures. right now it is so early in the morning we are looking at temperatures into the 70s. 69 in kansas city. very warm out here. that is a bad sign because we have the fuel that the thunderstorms need to fire up
2:39 am
later on today and produce severe weather. we are expecting a severe weather outbreak stretching across eastern portions of texas up through portions of southern indiana. widespread storm area. they have issued a moderate risk area across sashiarkansas north parts of mississippi. we have a chance to see tornadoes some damaging wind gusts and large hail. if you live out here stay alert through out the day today. you could be seeing warnings issued through out the area. otherwise they have more severe weather forecasts in florida through the mid lant tick. -- mid atlantic. >> we know why barbara walters has been in the hospital. she has a rare adult case of the chickenp chickenpox. the 83-year-old was hospitalized for a fall but said there because of the fever. turns out that was from the infection. >> the kardashians are taking
2:40 am
over daytime tv. chris jenner will have an hour long talk show this summer. >> the name is kris. >> at the screen actor's guild award taye diggs helped catch a burglar. they found a man going through their garage. digs ran after him and tackled him until the police arrived. now time for your starting lineup. your top sports stories of the morning tiger woods coming out on top at torrey pines. he had a four-shot victory at the farmer's insurance open. it is the 7th time he has won the tournament. >> ravens landed. ray lewis and company arriving in new orleans for the super bowl. the 49ers arrived on sunday. >> jim and john harbaugh standing up to president obama over his comments about
2:41 am
football. >> four month old almost soon to be 5 month old son jack harbaugh and president obama feel that is way be a little less competition for jack harbaugh when he is older. >> joe game bike football. it's the type of sport that brings out the best in you. it shows you where you are. >> president obama said he would think long and hard before letting a son play football. >> former steeler jerome bennett will be on fox and friends to talk about the president's comment. tune in to that. >> some americans will have to wait longer than others when it comes to collecting tax refund checks. >> this is not sea foam, that's not snow -- it is sea foam that took over on the streets. there are cars stuck underneath.
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>> let's span the globe to see what headlines we have for you overseas. in mexico police discovered a dozen bodies inside a well. four of them identified as members of the missing band combo columbia. the loan survivor told cops 10 gunmen kidnapped the band and crew after a five vat concert being held there. up next to australia. >> oh, there's a car. oh! >> a car emerges from several feet of sea foam nearly hitting two cops. they jump out of the way just in time. a cyclone left the city covered in foam. >> an erupting volcano in the far east. rivers are creating a lava lake. it is spewing gas and ash.
2:46 am
the volume tan yo started erupting in november after being dormant for 40 years. >> wow. >> if you are ready to file your taxes early listen up. you may actually have to wait until february or even march. >> the irs announcing a list of forms that have been delayed. they have delayed filing dates. diane macedo has more. >> they may have to wait more than a month due to a technical issue. the computer system is unable to process some of the new forms needed since the tax payer relief act on january 2nd. as a result any one filing for the american opportunity credit or lifetime learning credit won't be able to file until february. those with complicated returns de appreciation property, geneusiness credits and many more will have to wait until late february or possibly into march. as for everyone else tomorrow will be the first day you can
2:47 am
file your return. regardless of when you file you will see the refund faster using direct file. see if you require late registration. >> who files before march anyway? >> i do. >> the irs actually says the majority of these people wait until april or even file for extensions. most of them are procrastinators. >> diane macedo, thanks. coming out he scored 3 super bowl titles before retiring for football. he plans to return to the big game with something much different. he sits down with me after the break. >> image seeing this in the middle of the freeway. traffic for miles. >> i don't think steve doocy was behind the wheel of the car because he's right there to tell us what's coming up on "fox &
2:48 am
friends." one had to be either starsky or hutch. kicking it off. should welfare payouts be tied to a kid's school performance? tell you all about that and where they are thinking about doing it. do you know where the germyest places are at your workplace? we will go behind the scenes to show you what's hiding in your key board and the door handle and the coffee pot. >> actors linda gray, laura ingram and top five companies hiring this week all starts 15 minutes from right now right here on your channel for news. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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>> ahead of the fashion house
2:52 am
has been missing more than a month after his plane vanished off of the coast of venezuela. a bag has washed ashore it be long to a tourist who didn't have enough room on his own plane. his wife and four others were on board. a flash mob of cars down a california highway. >> synchronized doughnuts and others in the middle of a highway. they sped off when they heard cops coming. the police plan to fine and charge drivers. >> he has won three super bowls so he knows what's going in the minds of 49ers and the ravens. emmit smith will have a role in this year's big game. he is starring in a brand new ad for len cincoln. that's what you are watching there. i had a chance to sit down with the nfl hall of fame running
2:53 am
back and lincoln grand ambassador emmit smith. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you are not going to be on the field for this super bowl although you have many times before, but you are going to be represented in a different kind of way. tell us about the new lincoln commercial. >> i am honored and pleased to be working with lincoln motor company to bring its very first ever super bowl ad commercial to the super bowl itself. the commercial was kurr rated through jimmy fallon. we requested from the twitter nation to send in their best road experience to jimmy so we could put together this narrative of the entire commercial. i am involved on the 90 second commercial. i am the voice of the dj that you would hear on the radio once the commercial airs. >> if we buy a lincoln do we hear your voice. >> no, not quite at that level yet. >> something to think about. >> you might be able to have
2:54 am
your car tailored for just your voice. >> i think that's a good idea. >> the super bowl who is your pick? >> i like the 49ers, but i am going to be rooting for the ravens. all because i have business partners in baltimore that are ravens fans and i want to see them win another one. but my mind and my football soul is telling me that the 49ers is the better club. they are younger and youth has it's privy. i think the 49er also win. >> what do you think about the match up between the harbaugh brothers? >> i think it's cool. first time in nfl history you have two brothers coaching two different teams going up against each other in the biggest game of all and that is the super bowl. it is a great narrative and great conversation for everybody this week. i know the nfl were hoping the manning brothers could match up never materialized not yet anyway. here's an opportunity right now
2:55 am
to celebrate not only the game but also celebrate these two players -- two coaches anyway. >> greatest super bowl championship for you? >> the greatest for me? probably the very first. nothing sweeter than the very first. for the 49ers and some of the guys who never experienced the super bowl it will be an awesome experience. >> for hard work of becoming an nfl player years and years of practice hard on your body and mind as well and families, one potential future nfl player that has a little trouble going on now manti te'o. what do you think about his future in the nfl? >> i think his future is very bright. i am looking at him analyzing him from a football standpoint. from a player standpoint, trust me what he is going through right now is minor in comparison to other players and their character coming into the national spotlight. i think manti te'o will be fine. i think teams will be doing a very good job of getting into his background understanding his
2:56 am
psyche and mentality and what he is about as a football player and look at the tape to see what he does on the football field that separates him from the rest of them. from what i have even he's a first rounder by far. >> han honor. three time super bowl champ nfl hall of fame running back. thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> really nice guy. coming up image this blocking the road on your way to work, the good, the bad and the ugly is up next. it's your last chance to weigh in on this brew on this question of the day. is the job market so bad that being over qualified for your job is the new normal? you can tweet your answers to us at fox friends first or e-mail them to us at
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[ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> about a minute till the top of the hour. let's look at the good, the bad, and the ugl


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